First Weeker’s Program

First Weeker's Program provides a 'soft landing' for international UA students

First Weekers Short Term Home Stay Program provides a ‘soft landing’ for international UA students

About the First Weekers Short Term Homestay Program- a program for International Students and Scholars attending The University of Akron:

The First Weekers program is an opportunity for students and scholars to request a short term stay ( one week to two week stay) with a local host family.  By pairing a host family with a student, it creates a softer landing and less culture shock and also helps the student establish themselves in the community.

Often the family and the student build a bond and they may do holiday celebrations or outings to engage the international student(s) in American culture. Also, it gives the student(s) a great way to practice their English!

When you arrive:

Once the student(s) arrive and are settled, we would like to have them stop by our offices for introductions.


There is a one-time administrative cost of $75 to be paid within 30 days of arrival and it can be paid in person, via mail or online via PayPal.

A student who has been accepted to the University of Akron can apply by completing the online form or downloading the PDF form and emailing back to us at   Once the form is completed, we begin the ‘matchmaking’ of host families and student(s).

We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for host family requests.

Complete form here:





Recruiting Host Family’s!!!

If you are interested in hosting or being a First Weeker please contact Global Ties Akron at or become-a-host-button1