Global Passport-Ceedos

$35 per person
(includes tax+tip+admin fee)
Purchase tickets at:
RSVP Deadline Oct. 17

Purchase tickets at:
Thursday, October 24, 2019
6PM – 8PM
4147 Bridgewater Pkwy,
Stow, OH 44224
Appetizer: Hummus, grape leaves,
falafel (all vegetarian) served
with pita bread
Entree:  Maklouba – basmati rice
cooked with carrots, eggplant,
cauliflower, & onions served as is
vegetarian style or with
baked chicken or braised leg of lamb
Dessert:  Rice pudding and almond
Beverages:  Coffee, mint tea, or choice of cold beverage options.
Our host speaker & owner
of the restaurant is Ali Omar,
nicknamed “Ceedo”, which in
Arabic means grandfather.
(Omar has 21 grandchildren)
He was born & raised in
Jerusalem. Since the late
1970’s, Omar’s has
traveled the world from
Beirut to France to Ohio to
pursue his 40+ year career in the culinary arts.