Below is a list of local grocery stores, consignment shops, and general shopping areas.

Dave’s Supermarket
871 E. Exchange St.


Asian Market
512 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.
Bista Brother Asian Grocery
156 E. Tallmadge Ave.
Dhimal’s Mini Mart
510 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.


Morris’s International Market
216 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.
Namaste Market
212 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.
Neighbors Apparel
749 Blaine Ave.


Nepali Bazaar
153 E. Tallmadge Ave.
San Miguel’s Latin Market
787 N. Main St.
Thanaone’s Asian Market
Corner of N. Main St. and E. Mildred Ave.


Giant Eagle
230 Howe Ave.
Cuyahoga Falls
Chapel Hill Mall
2000 Brittain Rd.
449 Howe Ave.
Cuyahoga Falls
CVS Pharmacy
590 E. Market St.
Abbey Ann’s
198 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.