Citizen Diplomat of the Year

What is Citizen Diplomacy?

Citizen Diplomacy is the concept that the individual has the right, even the responsibility, to help shape U.S. foreign relations, “one handshake at a time.” Citizen diplomats can be students, teachers, athletes, artists, business people, humanitarians, adventurers or tourists. All of Global Ties Akron’s volunteers, professional resources, educators, student participants, visiting international delegates, international students & scholar presenters, refugee & immigrant colleagues…are Citizen Diplomats.

What are the best character traits of a Citizen Diplomat?

We honor the memory of Theresa Minick

Theresa Minick was a gift in so many of our lives.  She never considered herself an artist- but her talent was in connecting people and she wove a beautiful tapestry.  Her perfect tapestry would have woven a world in which each individual could be openly and genuinely themselves.  Every women could be strong and safe.  Every individual would have a home and would be welcome in the land of their birth.  If they moved to a new community- they would be welcomed with open arms and celebrated for their diversity.  All diversity- Inclusion in every sense.   Every individual could speak in their language of choice and their culture would be honored, cherished and celebrated.    In her perfect tapestry, we would all be surrounded by the diversity of art- music, dance, theatre, visual arts, spoken word, and literature.  We were truly blessed to have her beautiful thread woven through our lives.  Her tapestry not only covered Cuyahoga Falls, North Hill, Akron and Kent but extended across the United States, Mexico, China, Serbia and embraced the globe.  She truly wove the most amazingly and incredibly beautiful work of art with her life that touched our  lives deeply and will live on for generations to come.  Thank you Theresa Minick.  May you Rest in Peace as your memory continues in our hearts forever.